Friday, July 24, 2015

Famous Lord Shankar Mandir which is located on the hillock in Jamkhandi. Near to this temple is the palace of the rulers of the erstwhile Jamkhandi state. During the birth of Rev. Gurudeo, his mother could not bear the pangs of labour. All the family members were worried. They were thinking of taking the mother to hospital for surgical aid. Just then the following remedy was used by Krishnappa an old servant in the house.
Srimant Ramchandrarao Appasaheb Patwardhan, the then ruling chief of Jamkhandi was a pious devotee of a spotless character. Many a mother had been relieved from the pangs of labour by drinking the Tirth (sacred water) offered by him. Krishnappa went to the palace at Ramtirth that very night and intimated to the chief through the servants the plight of Rev. Gurudeo's mother. The pious chief got up from the bed, took bath, worshipped Shri Rameshwar and sent sacred water through Krishnappa. Matoshri Parvati drank the holy water and her delivery was smooth and safe. In this way with the grace of Rameshwar Rev. Gurudeo was born at 10 am on 3rd July 1886. He was named Ramachandra at the suggestion of the chief.

Another important incident connected with this Temple is as follows. In 1956, during the Amrut Mahotsava celebrations, Rev. Gurudeo lit camphor in front of deity. He had a magnificent spiritual experience in which he saw his child form (Baal Roopa) playing on the lap of Rev. Bhausaheb Maharaj. He had tears in his eyes after this wonderful experience. It is said that saint visualises this type of experience at the time when he prepares to leave his soul from the material world.

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