Saturday, July 25, 2015

pathway to god

If a full exposition of a problem from the pen of a master is delightful, suggestions
from him for further research are challenging. In
addition to his critical estimates of different
philosophical systems, we have in the last chapter of this book, Professor Ran
de's sketch
of a contemplated work
The Pathway to God. It provides ample food for thought to
whomsoever wishing to launch upon a
deep study of philosophy and religion. There are in
this work such flashes as: 'We find in
a lame moralism and a lamer theism 'Or,
doctrine of degrees of reality is a mere compromise between monism and pluralism'.
Professor Ranade envisages a
clue for the reconciliation of the different Vedantic systems in
a doctrine of mystical realisation which cancels none of these and yet absorbs all of them
giving to each an appointed place and level in the thought evolution of the Vedanta. If one
wants t
o know how mysticism gives a synoptic view of life, one should turn to this hook

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