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Kulaba Killa | Travel VLog | Mugdha Vaishampayan

The Acharya is believed to have composed the Bhajagovindam during his famous pilgrimage to Kashi (Benares). The fourteen disciples are said to have accompanied him. The story goes that when he was walking along the streets of Kashi, he was pained to observe an elderly man trying hard to learn Sanskrit grammar. At his advanced age, the remaining valuable little time of his life should have been used for worshipping the God, instead of wasting on learning a language. This prompted Sri Sankara to burst out this composition, a sort of rebuke to foolish way of living. The Acharya urges the man to turn towards God and sing His glory instead of trying to learn a language. A censure is implied when the Acharya calls the man a fool (Moodhamathe). It may be added here that the tone of Bhajagovindam is not at all soft, but somewhat striking, in spite of its exotic poetic beauty and perfection of composition. This is no wonder, because such a treatment is required to wake up man from his slumber. A milder approach would delay the matter. The matter is urgent, as the Acharya explains in the next verse, for, when the hour of death approaches without any forewarning, the hard-learned verses of grammar are not going to save the poor soul. Hence the song rightly starts without any preamble: 

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 आमुचिया कुळी दैवत सदगुरु |आम्हासी आधारू पांडुरंग ||१||

सदगुरू आमुची माता सदगुरु तो पिता|सदगुरू तो भ्राता आम्हालागी ||२||
इष्टमित्र बंधू सज्जन सोयरे | नाही पै दुसरे गुरुविन||३||
सदगुरु आचार सदगुरु विचार | सदगुरु सार साधनांचे||४||
सदगुरु क्षेत्र सदगुरु तो धर्म | गुरुगुह्य वर्म आम्हालागी ||५||
सदगुरु यम सदगुरु तो नियम | सदगुरु प्राणायाम आम्हालागी ||६||
सदगुरु तो सुख सदगुरु तो मोक्ष | सदगुरु प्रत्यक्ष परब्रह्म ||७||
सदगुरुचे ध्यान अखंड ह्रदयी | सदगुरुच्या पायी वृत्ती सदा ||८||
सदगुरुचे नाम नित्य आम्हा मुखी | गुणातीत सुखी सदगुरु राज ||९||
एका जनार्दनी गुरु कृपादृष्टी | दिसे सर्व सृष्टी परब्रम्ह ||

ಮಾಘ ಸಪ್ತಾಹ ಪ್ರಾರಂಭ ದಿ 12/02/2021

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Pathway to God in Kannada Literature Week_5

Pathway to God in Kannada Literature Week_3

Pathway to God in Kannada Literature Week_2

This video is for meditative reading of Pathway to God in Kannada Literature book. This video is continuation of content from Week 1. In this video we will get to know about comparison done by Shri. Gurudev on Karnatak Saints and Greek Philosphers, Karnataka mystics and Christian mystics, Karnataka Mystics and Maharashtra Mystics, Karnataka Mystics and Hindi Mystics. This is part of introduction to Karnataka Mysticism.
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Pathway to God in Kannada Literature Week_1

This is the reading of Pathway to God in Kannada Literature Book written by Shri. Gurudev R. D. Ranade. The motto of this series is to have meditative reading. In this we begin with reading of Chapter I "A Philosophical Preliminary". In this Chapter we will get to know about Mysticism-its characteristics as explained by Shri. Gurudev Ranade. This is introduction to Karnataka Mysticism

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