Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rajadhiraj Sadgurunath Amburao Maharaj Ki Jay

As with maharaj so with Baba their life &death were sublime illustrations of perpetual communion with God.


Nitin Ram said...

am glad 2 visit yr blog :-)
do u by any chance hv any info abt shree amburao maharaj !? especially his teachings [ wht he taught ] !!
i hv read many stories abt him in my childhood.
tks for sharing wonderful info abt nimbargi sampradaya on web.

love n regards,


engineers hotel said...

vry2 thnu 2 make this blog
and i wd like to see nimbal ashram
nd to abt routine of sadhak
i'll feel glad to see some collection of bhajan's sang by sadhak's in nimbal ashram....pls add such prosperous collections

love n regards

yogesh nagayach