Saturday, October 8, 2016

Jnaneswara offers the highest kind of consolation to those who have lived wretched and sinful lives. He gives hope even to the fallen. He tells us that even these, if they but conceive love towards God, have in them the power of reaching God. (Jnanesvari IX.418-428)
(Page 110, Chapter III, Mysticism in Maharashtra, R D 

Week 809
If we follow the track of those who have gone before us, we cannot see any returning footprints. The histories and mythologies of this world are merely collections of death-stories. It is wonderful that people should live at ease in such a world !........Alas, born in this mortal world, O Arjuna, get thyself hastily from it; go by the path of Bhakti, so that thou mayest reach My divine home. (Jnanesvari IX. 490-516)

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